About Us


In June of 1982, Arnan Development Corporation, the parent company of our two operations purchased the block facilities of Seward Sand and Gravel. Oneonta Block Company is the manufacturing and wholesale distribution portion. Our block company has undergone many changes since then.

In 1989 a fully automatic Besser plant was installed. The plant is computerized to facilitate production. The plant includes a V312 block machine, an automated transfer system and a fully automated cuber. In 2001 a new curing system was installed.

In 2002 an in-line wrapping machine was incorporated and 2003 saw the addition of a pallet feeder. This allows Oneonta Block Company to store all block and wood pallets. All block produced in our plant are wrapped, capped and labeled.

The product line consists of a full complement of masonry items such as architectural block, a full line of bag products, wire, fasteners and many other products including flashing, sealers and cleaners. Oneonta Block Company also manufactures Anchor Wall Systems retaining wall block ranging from do-it-yourself systems to block for large commercial retaining walls.

In 2005 Oneonta Block Company opened a hardscape yard in Port Crane, NY. This site is equipped with multiple displays, inventory and has delivery available. The focus of this site is to service the landscape and masonry contractors in the Broome County market area.

Oneonta Block Company is pleased to announce that the CarbonCure system was installed in 2015. CarbonCure retrofits concrete plants with a technology that recycles waste carbon dioxide to make affordable, greener concrete products.

The delivery fleet of Oneonta Block Company consists of:

  • Tractor Trailers
  • Tag-Along Forklifts
  • Boom Trucks
  • Pup Trailers

The majority of the fleet is equipped with air-ride, including the trailers. 

Oneonta Block Company is very active in organizations that promote our industry as well as safe working conditions.

Our position has been to become known as the resource center not only for material but also for product information and full service.