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Oneonta Block Company

Miscellaneous Bag Products

Cement / Foundation Coating - Masonry/Mortar/Portland - Premix - Concrete Repair/Patch/Grout - Sand - Spec Mix

Bentonite Holeplug

50 Lb. Benseal® Sealing and Plugging Agent

BENSEAL® sealing and plugging agent is a granular (8-mesh), natural Wyoming sodium bentonite for use in sealing and grouting well casings and earthen structures. BENSEAL agent is not recommended for use as a drilling mud.

Type 'S' Hydrated Lime

50 Lb. Super Limoid Type S for Mortar

SUPER LIMOID® S Mason’s Lime is a fine-grind, white, high-purity dolomitic lime, fully hydrated for immediate use. When properly combined with portland cement and sand, it creates a lime mortar having superior performance and ageless durability.

Recommended for all Type M, S, N and 0 cementlime mortar (ASTM C270) applications in interior and exterior masonry walls.

Blacktop Patch

50 Lb. Blacktop Patch

An asphalt cold patch for repairing potholes and large cracks in asphalt pavement

- No heating or mixing, pour directly out of bag
- Can be formed and compacted
- Patched area is ready for immediate use